Sr. No. Program Name Date Time
1 Enhancing Plastic Exports from India 19th Jan 04:00PM - 0 5.:0PM
2 How Ultra Sonic Machine is used in Packaging 20th Jan 11:30AM - 12:15PM
3 R&D and Innovations in Packaging Industry, Global Demand & Trends 20th Jan 04:00PM - 05:30PM
4 Demystifying on grid roof top solar 21st Jan 12:00PM - 01:00PM
5 PWM - Crafting a Sustainable Future for Plastics through Circular Economy approach 21st Jan 02:00PM - 06:45PM
6 Profit Leadership 22nd Jan 11:00AM - 01:00PM
7 Inventory Optimization through DDMRP systems 22nd Jan 02:00PM - 04:00PM
8 Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) Reduction through Zero defects culture. 22nd Jan 04:00PM - 06:00PM
9 Cost effective 2D Cad Solutions for Mechanical Industries 23rd Jan 04:00PM - 05:30PM
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