How Plastic Packaging Helps Reduce Solid Waste

03 Nov, 2020
We know plastics have played a huge part in making our everyday lives convenient but did you know that plastics play an important role in reducing solid waste and benefitting the environment? A new study...

4 Plastic Packaging Trends in 2020

20 Nov, 2020
One of the most dynamic and evolving businesses in recent times, the plastic packaging industry is anticipated to cross $400 Billion by 2022. Both consumer and industry trends are driving the plastic packaging market.

5 Ways How Plastic Packaging for Frozen Food Yields Less Waste

16 Dec, 2020
The packaging of modern frozen food has advanced significantly, mainly due to the contribution of plastic packaging.

5 Benefits that Reusable Plastic Packaging Offers to the Plastic Industry

17 Dec, 2020
Reducing plastic pollution and increasing reuse and recycling will be one of the driving forces of the plastics industry in the upcoming years.

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