PlastiWorld India Welcome

WELCOME TO 1st Edition of PLASTIWORLD - The 'one of its kind' platform that showcases India’s growing plastics processing capabilities to the entire world.

Indian Plastics Industry’s capacity to deliver international quality finished products, ability to produce large quantities with great consistency and highly competitive pricing is increasingly attracting Multinational Companies, International Retail Giants and Manufacturers to either shift their base to India or to source Plastics Processing and Finished goods from India.

PLASTIWORLD 2019 will showcase two distinct and critical facets - The future of the Plastics Industry and the future of humankind itself. Growth segments like Automobiles, Healthcare, Packaging, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Telecom, New & Renewable Energy and the emerging segments like Plastic Composites, Sports, 3-D Printing–that shall drive us in creating better equipped human beings, whether physically or in terms of ability, to navigate hostile terrain, to nurture and support nature or to create magic by translating thought into product on a daily basis–will all be here at PLASTIWORLD 2019.

For any significant player in the Plastics paradigm, the next destination is the world’s fastest growing major economy – INDIA. Who can bring India to the world better than PlastiWorld EXHIBITIONS.

For those who want to know 'what is next?'